Mining Operations Made Easy Fewzion is a web-based, MOS-driven, short-term planning and scheduling system that makes it simple to manage people, production and support equipment, and other resources from anywhere.

Fewzion is all about creating a union of planning, scheduling, resource management and production tracking all in one place.
• Short term planning and scheduling system tailor-made for the mining industry.
• Fewzion is simple by design, ensuring rapid user acceptance, learning and adoption.
• KPI and tasks completion entered by deputy via our smart-board actuals, touch screen interface.
• Real-time everything enabling true collaborative planning and scheduling.

With Fewzion, you have,
• Process Plan
• Shift Plan
• 24/48 Hour Schedule
• Weekly Schedule
• Management of Processes and Users
• Actuals Smart Board, for keying in end-of-shift KPI statistics

What makes Fewzion different from other software? Why is it better?
• Fewzion is simple and easy to use.
• No big learning curve.
• Easily customisable.
• But it is a big step up from using spreadsheets to plan and to schedule.

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