Business Insights

Our process always starts with the business and not the code! We make solutions that fit you and your business; never fitting boilerplate systems to you! Before we do any design, code or concepts, we endeavour to understand your business thoroughly. We will talk to your stakeholders to understand your industry, direction, roadmap and where value is added within your enterprise.


Understand existing business process

Define the business goals and objectives

Explore the ROI and future ROI

Understand the business's story and the solutions required to fulfil the dream

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Business Insights

In any business relationship, whether it is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), there is an implied partnership. In that relationship, both parties are effectively on the same team. There is an implied intent to support the interests, the goals and the wellbeing of the recipient of services or goods.

The Perfect Advocate
Because of the nature of this relationship, Applications Developer (AppsDev) strives to become the perfect advocate for your business. This cannot be achieved until we know your business thoroughly. The larger and more complex the project, the more critical this rule becomes. And it's like the Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Only by knowing you and your business can we ever hope to understand fully what you want and need.

Many developers like to code so much that they jump right in with a prototype or a touch of programming logic to dazzle and to impress. There is nothing wrong with the enthusiasm, but we feel it is a touch misguided—taking steps out of sequence.

Software for Internal Use
For software developed for in-house use, we want the end product to fit like a glove—not only in what you think you want, but covering the bases of things you may not have anticipated but wish you had. We desire to create a tool that is not a mere 90% fit. We want to deliver a valuable finished product which is much more than "good enough." A 90% tool can do a lot of good, certainly, but with a 100% tool, your business can thrive and excel. That extra 10% will help to make your enterprise a force to contend with—a powerhouse of efficiency and laser-like focus.

Developing Software Products and Client Interfaces
For software developed as a product or as an interface with clients, we want the end product to be intuitive to use and to navigate. We want it to be benefit-driven so that the end-user feels pampered by its purpose and features. We also want it to have the right level of flexibility that the end-user would expect, but without making it so complex that they are overwhelmed by the choices. Logical organization of functionality and partitioning can achieve this sometimes seemingly contradictory set of goals. When we understand your business more thoroughly, we will have a better idea how you want to be represented by the software product or web interface we create.

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The Vision

Software is about creating solutions for the future, and building a strong foundation. The vision is about the journey of the software, and how it will evolve over time. This includes brand, customers, new technologies and company changes.


Establish roadmap and strategy

Understanding market and sales phases

Establish a architecture for the solution

Agree on a stable foundation

Establish the brand theme

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The Vision

Once we understand the business and the end-users, we look at the dynamics of the software across time. Creating a 100% perfect software for today will not necessarily satisfy the needs of tomorrow. In fact, it rarely will. Things change. Markets evolve. Consumer needs undergo a continuing metamorphosis as new technologies and cultural changes are introduced.

Comparing this stage to real estate, this would be the rough sketch of the building.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would be the idea pitch which sells the movie to investors or producers.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your software project involves the creation of a system to facilitate enterprise productivity, communication and control, we attempt to peer into the future of the business and the industry to anticipate not only the immediate needs of the company, but its long-range needs, too.

By understanding the current market forces and their dynamics, we can anticipate future needs for the software that can extend its life and usability. And that increases your ROI in the long run.

Web Interfaces
If your software project involves the Internet or corporate Intranet, we can help anticipate the potential future bottlenecks which could make your system unwieldy.

Whether your web pages are geared to consumers, partners, employees, investors or some other specific group, you will want to anticipate their needs as far into the future as possible.

Software Products
If your software project will become a product for third-party use, whether it is a consumer application, a business application or a cloud utility for software as a service, knowledge of current market forces and trends can help you plan for at least some of the changes to come.

As popular legend has it, Bill Gates of Microsoft, somewhat ludicrously said many years ago that 640k of memory is all anyone will ever need. Boy, was he wrong. Whether or not Gates actually said it, Microsoft's early operating systems boxed them into a corner that required ungainly programming to circumvent that barrier. Even if Bill Gates didn't make such a statement, his early operating systems effectively said it for him, and it took Herculean effort to extricate "foot-from-mouth," even if only figuratively.

At AppsDev, we intend to avoid that kind of fiasco like the plague. Your software project must, in every respect, remain robust and flexible, allowing for many years of valuable use.

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Once we've gained a strong understanding of your business and its customer processes, we design an interface which illustrates the functional site or app. With this, we show the system process, flow and interactivity, and bring the brand to life. Having an understanding of flow will save development time and ensure that you will have a deep understanding of what will be delivered.


Define site structure and flow

Identify core use functional points

Define Human and Business process

Design user interface

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Comparing this step to the world of real estate, this would include the blueprint of the building or home. Construction without a blueprint is haphazard at best. Foundation is laid and "oops, we forgot the plumbing." A finished blueprint helps to prevent such mistakes.

Comparing this step to the world of movies, this would include the finished screenplay. Making a movie without a screenplay remains equally haphazard. We've shot the disaster, but it looks like our hero has to die at the start of the movie. Ouch! A finished screenplay eliminates such fiascos.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your development project involves software to invigorate the enterprise with smoother communication and collaboration, more potent research and conversion of data into information, plus greater control over processes, you will be keenly interested in the layout of the finished product. Layout helps to determine the efficacy of the finished application. A great app can only come from a great layout, every bit as much as a great building can only come from a great blueprint.

Web Interfaces
If your project involves a web interface—a website, a web portal or similar online presence, the layout will let you know all the pieces of your interface and how they will work together at least in a conceptual sense.

Software Products
The user interface is the front line of any application. If the human user is confused by its look or its organization, this works against the application's usability. A clunky or non-intuitive user interface can destroy the value of an application no matter how good the initial idea. If you want to win the hearts and minds of the end-users, you want to ensure that your finished software will be "user friendly."

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The development prototype will utilise demo data and produce the functionality and process behaviour of the finished software. This gives a true reflection of the live system and an understanding of how it looks and operates.


Ensuring data and information is correct

User functionality is illustrated

API's are well formedI

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If you could have a custom-built car tailored to your specific needs and desires, wouldn't you like to be able to test-drive one before committing the time and resources to build the finished product? After all, spending a hundred thousand dollars or more for a custom car, you want to increase the odds that you will be satisfied when the work is finished.

A software prototype is much easier to produce. And though it won't have all of the detailed programming of the finished product, it can, within reason, simulate what that experience will be like, even before the actual programming has started.

Comparing this stage to real estate, this would include a model of the finished building. In a housing subdivision, this might include a full-scale model home to give potential buyers a walk-in taste of the finished product. For business properties, this might include a scaled-down model to bring the flat renderings to life.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would include an animated storyboard to give an increased sense of the pacing and flow of the finished movie without committing any time to the actual production—the sets, the actors, the film and more. Changes at this stage are far less expensive than during a later step.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your development project involves software for internal use in the enterprise, the prototype will display the behaviour you can expect across the business.

Web Interfaces
For a web-based project, the prototype will combine graphics with simple functionality to show what the website or web application will feel like.

Software Products
If your development project involves a software product for sale or a cloud software-as-service project, here is where you get to play with something that feels a little like the finished application. You get to click on buttons and checkboxes and experience some simple, programmed responses with dummy data.

Imagine your own ideas becoming a full-fledged prototype and beyond. Contact us today for a free quote on your development project.


Our development experts are selected based on the project at hand. We only select the right developers for the solution you're looking to build and each developer is experienced and certified.


Develop the system components / UI

Ensure data validation and integrity

Create and perform testing

Ensure Quality in the code and process

Develop system logging and reporting

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Coding is the meat of the project. This is where everything comes together to build your finished application, whether it be a website, system analysis tool, software product, web application or cloud software-as-a-service. This is where design, concerns of user-friendliness, data integrity, functionality and more come together in one finely orchestrated package.

Comparing this stage to real estate, this would include everything related to building the structure—bringing in the plumbing, laying the foundation, erecting the walls, drawing in the electrical lines and applying the finishing touches.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would include everything related to the actual production or filming of the movie. It would also include some pre-production such as set building, costumes and location scouting. And it would include some of the post-production work like the first rough edit and perhaps scoring.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your development project involves software for knitting the enterprise together, whether for creating a sense of community, collaboration, data gathering or control, this phase of the development cycle will add module after module to establish all of the linkage needed to fulfil its role across the business.

Web Interfaces
For web-based projects, this is where the graphics, artwork and designs meet programming code to breathe life into the web ideas. Here is where every aspect of web development comes together—user interaction, data input, security and added functionality.

Software Products
For software products, this is the birth of your new baby. This is where all of the ideas and details come together into a robust engine of performance and productivity, whether the end product is a clever consumer game or a serious business application.

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User Beta Test

Our internal test team does thorough Alpha testing before any end-user ever sees the software or website. Then the software is delivered to selected end-users to perform their own rigorous testing, to attempt to break the software, and to document their steps if they should find a bug. The end result of this detailed process is the delivery of a virtually bug-free product.


Ensure the deliverable is entirely stable and of high quality

Ensure the development product handles security properly and performs well under normal and unpredictable situations

Acceptance Testing

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User Beta Test

Beta testing is all about using the software in ways that push it to the limits. In many respects, users are encouraged to try to break the software by getting it to do both ordinary and extreme things.

Comparing this stage to real estate it might include, for houses and commercial buildings, the buyer's walk-through to inspect the finished structure for quality and workmanship. Not a lot can be done at this point without incurring great expense. Perhaps some patching, finishing touch-ups and the like.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would include director and producer critiques of the movie's rough cut. It might also involve test screenings of the unfinished movie. Once the input is gathered, corrections and other modifications will be made. At times, individual scenes may be re-shot if not prohibitively expensive. Also, dialog may be redone, using footage which doesn't show the actor speaking.

Tools for the Enterprise
Software for the enterprise needs to be tested before full implementation. For instance, a new payroll system would need to be run in parallel with the existing system to ensure the amounts were the same. When any errors are discovered, the programmers then attempt to duplicate the mistake on their own system, trace it to its cause in the code and then fix it.

Web Interfaces
If your development project involves a website or web application, beta testing might include having potential or existing customers visit the website or use the web application to get their feedback. The web development team then corrects the mistakes.

Software Products
If your development project involves a software product for sale or a cloud software-as-service project, this is where you get as many users as possible to play with the software. This is where you try to have them break the software, to get it to make mistakes. This is the stress-test which forces the application to spring a leak, if there are any weak joints. Then the programmers attempt to duplicate the circumstances and the reported bug so they can trace its cause and correct the errant code.

In any of these scenarios, the process of beta testing and debugging is an iterative one. The steps are repeated until the software is pronounced clean of bugs and ready for delivery.

Imagine your own ideas becoming a full-fledged product and completely beta tested. Contact us today for a free quote on your development project.


The deployment of a finished development product proves to be an art. Not only has the product been fully tested, but we ensure that the system on which the software is to be deployed can handle the load, remains robust in processing, possesses full security and easily handles backups and recovery. We understand that any downtime means lost money.


Prepare server environment

Ensure recovery systems in place

Optimise code for server

Develop deployment system

Deploy to test / production

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Here, the software shows itself in the real world. This is the birth of it. This is D-Day on the beach at Normandy—fireworks, party favours and celebration.

Comparing this stage to real estate, this would include the sale, escrow and transfer of title on the property. It would include the delivery of the property's keys to the new owner.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would include distribution and marketing of the finished movie. This is where all of those cute trailers are made, the print ads, and the screenings for critics in advance of the public release. This would include any opening day extravaganzas and distribution to all theatres.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your development project involves software for the enterprise, the deployment would include the installation of the new system and full setup of the software so that all end-users can begin use.

Web Interfaces
For a web-based project, the deployment will include uploading all the necessary files to the web host server, making all of the work available to the website visitors.

Software Products
If your development project involves a software product for sale or a cloud software-as-service project, this is where the software is delivered for use or for replication, packaging and sale to customers.

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Wait! It's not over. Delivering a solution is great, but we don't stop here. We will evaluate logs, analytics and get feedback to see if there is a next step, or what improvements can be created for you and your solution.


Monitor for best performance

Evaluate usage and process

Collection feedback and ideas

Identify next steps

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Nothing tests software better than real-world usage. Here is where we learn more than we ever could during the initial specification state or even during user beta testing. Real-world usage is big, rich and sometimes insanely chaotic. If anything strains the system or irritates users, it will show up here.

Comparing this stage to real estate, this would include a blow-by-blow critique from the homeowner or tenants of the finished structure. This is where the complaints, if any, are reviewed and plans formulated for modifications or fixes.

Comparing this stage to movie production, this would include studio review of the finished product as well as the development process to see if anything can be done better on the next project or changed on future releases of the current movie project.

Tools for the Enterprise
If your software project involves the creation of a system to facilitate enterprise productivity, communication and control, this is where the new system receives its report card. Opinions of end-users are likely to differ, so you will get many different and sometimes conflicting suggestions. The most common ones will be considered for system upgrades.

Web Interfaces
For a web-based project, the evaluation stage will include all input visitors as well as traffic logs to determine website traffic patterns and the conversion rates of visitors into responders.

Software Products
If your development project involves a software product for sale or a cloud software-as-service project, this is where software reviewers get their shot at critiquing the finished product. This is where end-user complaints, suggestions and bug reports are collected and evaluated for consideration in the first software upgrade.

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