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Applications Developer is a web applications and software development company—but a company with a difference. How? We put your business first. By intimately understanding what your business is all about, we can focus on creating a solution {...}

What We Do

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We get results! Our approach of fitting your problem with the right technology generates a solution which works for today's conditions and tomorrow's changes. {...}

How We Get Results

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At Applications Developer, our engineers are experts at apps development, whether they be for iPhone, Facebook or some other hot device or media channel. {...}

Apps Development

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One of the few constants in business is change. Though that may not be very comforting, it poses new opportunities to those who seize upon them early. Today, cell phones are perhaps more common than desktop computers, so it's no wonder that a large number—well over a billion {...}

Mobile Website Design

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Mining system development is all about creating a solution for your mining business that helps you knit the enterprise together seamlessly. With it, you can investigate, analyse and control a myriad of aspects of your operation from one location or any location. You define what that system is. {...}

Mining System Development

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Software development is all about creating solutions to help you do your job more efficiently and with greater clarity and accuracy. It's all about being able to ask probing questions about your operation and to get answers in real time, instantly. Software development, when done properly {...}

Software Development

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At Applications Developer, we have the skills and experience with the mining industry, to produce desktop applications and websites for your enterprise. A website gives your company greater visibility. On it, you can tell your story the way you want it to be told. And mining industry website design {...}

Mining Industry Website Design

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For most businesses to remain competitive in today's market, they need an Internet presence. A website can deliver benefits to even a local restaurant, displaying tasteful pictures of ambiance and cuisine combined with the critical information of location, hours, online menu and a map showing directions. {...}

Website Development

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Sometimes a software project or a technical challenge merely needs a fresh set of experienced eyes to break through the logjam and to add clarity to the path toward a solution. At Applications Developer, you have a team of seasoned development experts ready to be of service. {...}

Professional Support

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Do you have a looming deadline and feel like it's slipping farther and farther away? Do you need more expert help on your team to get back on track? No matter what your software development project, Applications Developer can give you what you need. {...}

Development Support/Assistance

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For any enterprise to operate smoothly, it must have all the right tools for communication, collaboration, data management, information retrieval and knowledge acquisition. Your intranet needs to be a robust channel of interaction within your company. {...}

Internal Business Strategy

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Whether you have an idea for a B2B software product for desktop, mobile device or the cloud, or you've dreamed the hottest new consumer product, we can bring that idea to reality for you. {...}

Product Creation

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Imagine a symphony with millions of instruments, all making sweet, powerful music together in harmony. That could be your business—every person, every device, seamlessly linked to produce maximum output under all possible conditions. {...}

Enterprise Strategy

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There are two kinds of vendors for support services: 1. Those who look for more business, and 2. Those who look for mutually beneficial partnership. The difference is one of the level of advocacy. The first wants a pay check, but will attempt to do a good job to keep their reputation alive {...}

Web Application Development

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Do you have a software project that has reached an impasse? Or do you have a development challenge that has reached a grey area of uncertainty—requiring expert guidance toward the best possible solution? Applications Developer consultants can help. {...}

Software Architecture

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Any top athlete thrives under the watchful tutelage of a world-class coach. If you want massive success, you need a seasoned strategy consultant to help you ferret out all of the pockets of gold you may have overlooked. {...}

Strategy Consulting

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Would you like to create your own software product? We can help. Whether you intend to market a desktop application, software-as-a-service for the Cloud or virtualisation software, our seasoned engineering team can produce what you need. {...}

Product Design

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If you've ever had custom tailored clothing made just for you, you know that fit is every bit as important as functionality and material. {...}

Custom Business Software

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The Internet Laid the Foundation for Web Development The "web" is one of many services which use the Internet. Other services include email, FTP (file transfer protocol), and Usenet Newsgroups. The World Wide Web allows for the transfer and display {...}

The Growth and History of Website Development

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The First Application Development Was Literally Hardwired The earliest computer programs were built out of patches of wire to connect various parts of an electronic device to perform specific calculations. Any changes to the "programming" needed to be done {...}

A Short Look at the Long History of Application Development

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Starting with the Basics on What is Business Performance A business thrives with the right knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge to affect beneficial change. Making any significant changes to your own business must{...}

What is Business Performance All About?

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