I Want to Rescue My Current App

Do you have an application currently under development and feel that it's over budget, late or otherwise out of control? We can get your project back on track!

Data Gathering

First off, we gather information about your company. The better we know your enterprise, the better advocate we can be in pursuit of that perfect app. We also get all the information you have about the problem to be solved and your vision for the application solution.

Next, we consult with your stakeholders. No matter how many people on your team will be interacting with your new application, we need to know how they expect to be interacting so that the finished app will better dovetail with their jobs and augment their work performance.

Once we have all of this information, we plan the project and design a prototype for the approval of you and the stakeholders.

Iterative Progress

We approach all of our projects using Agile methodology. This allows us to make progress in small chunks that permit changes or corrections to be made on the plan along the way. Why is this valuable?

For one thing, not every first draft of a plan is perfect. In fact, they rarely are. This allows for unforeseen needs to be handled before too much is done that might otherwise have to be redone or reworked if such a discovery is made at the end of the project.

Also, such an iterative approach allows for "mid-course corrections" to be made to handle misunderstandings and unforeseen problems encountered during development.

And finally, this method gives you greater knowledge and control concerning the overall development process.


Once the application is completed, we test it thoroughly to ensure there are no bugs lurking within. And after delivery of the app, we remain ready to answer questions and to be of service should you require additional features or changes.