I Want to Enhance an Existing App

Do you need to upgrade an application you had already developed? Do you need new features or capabilities?

At Applications Developer, we can bring your software up to date and deliver it on schedule and within budget. We thrive on challenges like this.

Getting to Know You and the Project

Any project we take on begins by getting to know the company that hires us. Only by doing this can we ever hope to become true advocates for your software needs. Then, when we learn the details of the existing app and the desired improvements, we have the full context.

In addition, we will consult with the existing stakeholders to ensure that changes made will not break their procedures or productivity. The changes we make must dovetail smoothly with the rest of your enterprise.

When we have all the information, we create a development plan for your approval.

Incremental Progress

In every one of our projects, we utilise the Agile methodology for software development. This involves making progress in small chunks so that periodically we can review that progress and make any necessary corrections before they become big problems.

Few plans, if any, are perfect, and this technique allows for strategic changes to be made so that the goal remains more important than the plan.

We also keep you in the development loop so that you know exactly what is going on at each stage. With this method, you can retain control over your project throughout the development cycle.

Finishing Touches

The final step involves testing the app thoroughly to ensure everything works as expected. But even after your upgrade is delivered, we will remain ready to help with any further changes or questions.