The Company
Jeito has been a leader in corporate board performance and compliance reviews across Australia and overseas for over 6 years, providing unique insights in combination with regulatory compliance.

Jeito sought to develop its data collection and review methodology into an automated process with an eye on improving efficiency and accuracy, plus ensuring for its clients timely and quality results.

The Software
The solution involved building a website consistent with Jeito's corporate identity and values as well as implementing a content management system (CMS) for their ongoing administration of the website once it is up and running.

Unique to this project was the development of a data gathering system for prospective or existing clients to develop a survey for a corporation's board members. The system included not only deployment of an automated survey, but also email notification, video instruction, follow-up reminders and final survey reporting.



Principal:Martin Gray Managing Director

Industry:Business Management

Start:January, 2012

End:May, 2012

Jeito needed a method for automating the collection of survey data and the production of a report from that data.

An online data collection and review methodology, automated to improve efficiency and accuracy of Jeito's corporate board surveys. Focus was on developing a framework for automating preparation and development of questionnaires, monitoring and collecting results and then formatting those results into a concise and readable report.

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