The Company
In 2000, Anglo American began operating in Australia. Little more than a decade later, they have grown into the country's number four coal producer and its second largest metallurgical coal exporter. A keen focus on sustainable development has allowed them to make numerous contributions to their local communities while delivering handsome returns to their shareholders. They also belong to an industry fund that promotes the use of advanced technologies to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions associated with using coal. Anglo American has extensive coal mining interests in Queensland and New South Wales.

The Software
The actuals screen provides deputies a touch interface on which to enter the end-of-shift statistics. Separate from the Dashboard, the Actuals Touch Screen is accessible only from a separate, large touch screen for inputting the end-of-shift KPI actuals. Entering these figures is the responsibility of the individual, shift deputies.

The top row indicates the current process for which the actuals are being input or displayed. The body of the screen is divided into three columns, for the most recently completed shift, the current shift and the upcoming shift. Once the shift's actual statistics are keyed in, they are displayed underneath the targets for those KPIs.

Below the KPIs, specific tasks can be marked for percentage of completion. The bottom of the actuals screen displays graphs of 2 key KPIs—cumulative shears and cumulative operating time, comparing actuals to targets for the current week.

Anglo American Mining Case Study PDF →


Actuals Smart Board

ClientAnglo American

Principal:Larnie Mackay Shift Performance Lead


Start:December, 2011

End:April, 2012

Anglo American needed a simple method for inputting end-of-shift results — the actual KPIs from each shift.

A web-based touch screen for inputting end-of-shift, actual production values. Focus was on intuitive simplicity, plus direct connection to the MorPlanning system for instant, system-wide updates.

Anglo American Mining Case Study

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