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What We Do
Applications Developer is a web applications and software development company— but a company with a difference. How? We put your business first. By intimately understanding what your business is all about, we can focus on creating a solution which not only dovetails with your company's goals, but pleases the end users and satisfies their unique needs.

But there's more. We are a full-service software company, delivering
• Web applications—to extend the functionality of your website with unique tools to help you reach your business goals.
• Custom business software—to give your business the tools it needs to stay on top competitively.
• Software products—to give you deliverables that generate more income, whether they be desktop applications, virtualisations or cloud-related software-as-a-service.
• Strategy consulting—to better position your products or services in the marketplace, or to add functionality that leverages your company into a leadership position.
• Enterprise strategy—to build an integrated system which coordinates data and traffic flow through your website with the rest of your enterprise. Each department's stake in that activity can be packaged for greatest beneficial use on a real-time basis. This gives your team up-to-the-minute awareness of what is going on so they can respond appropriately and accurately.

Software Applications Development
Developing business software is all about creating tools which leverage your most important assets—your people. Software gives them the ability to do far more work in a shorter period of time. A computer program can calculate far faster and far more accurately than any human, but it takes a human to run it.

Your business involves a very specific and finite set of actions—many of them repetitive. And that's where a custom-tailored software tool comes in.

Your business includes very specific activities and workflow channels. Some of those workflows may involve your people entering data from paper sources or during phone calls with customers. The software needs to be designed with its end-users in mind. Their workflow needs to be efficient and the layout and behaviour of software can prove critical on this. To be successful, any software tool needs to be a welcome addition to the affected workflow.

Software Products
Whether the target market is a business or a consumer, the software to be developed needs to fulfil their needs. That market needs to sense that the product is full of benefits specifically meant for them. Then, when the target audience is made aware of those benefits, the software product virtually sells itself.

Enterprise Solutions
Piloting an enterprise is a bit like driving a ship. The helm needs to be able to get their instructions to the engine room. The helm also needs to be able to see the ocean ahead and to know the ship's exact position so as to avoid shoals and sand bars. And the helm needs to have up-to-date charts so they know exactly where the latest shoals, sand bars and islands are located.

Any enterprise needs a system of data retrieval, transmission, storage, analysis and reporting so that the company does not run aground. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) stands for a body of software tools that help the company move forward confidently, with the full knowledge of what it needs and where it is going.

Custom enterprise solutions can give you the edge over your competition. That's where Applications Developer comes in. Talk to an Applications Developer consultant today to find out how your enterprise can become outfitted with the best possible system-wide solution.

What We Do

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