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Web Application Development
There are two kinds of vendors for support services:
1. Those who look for more business, and
2. Those who look for mutually beneficial partnership.

The difference is one of the level of advocacy. The first wants a pay check, but will attempt to do a good job to keep their reputation alive for the next job.

The second wants to thrill the customer with the perfect service that exceeds their expectations. They realise that the money will take care of itself, if they accomplish this honourable goal.

All other things being equal, who would you like to have on your team—an outsider who will be gone in a few days, weeks or months, or a committed team member who thrives on treating your business as their own for maximum benefit? It's all in the attitude.

Web Skills to Dazzle
Our team of seasoned developers know just about all there is to know about web application development. What they don't know, they are constantly learning—staying ahead of the curve on new technology, sometimes before it is fully released to the public.

A web application can range in size and complexity from a simple one-click tool, like unit measure conversion, to a full-blown application with all the whistles and bells of a desktop office application.

Preliminary Work
Before we begin on any project, we do the proverbial "homework" to ensure we understand thoroughly the project, the stakeholders and their needs, as well as the end-users and what they would expect.

Only by getting to know all of these can we ever hope to become the perfect advocate for the project.

Then we prepare, in stages, a plan, a design and a prototype for the approval of you and the key stakeholders.

Building the Application
Once we have all of the information about the project and the stakeholders, we begin the coding. But be reassured, we don't disappear down a rabbit hole during this part of the development cycle. Quite the contrary, we do the building of the application in chunks, each of which is tested and approved by you and the key stake holders. This gives you access to the development as it happens. You maintain full control, including the ability to add features or to make changes as needed.

Testing and Delivery
Testing is always a must on any development project. Not only do we test the application thoroughly in-house, but we also have end-user beta testers run the application through the proverbial ringer to work out any remaining kinks.

And even after delivery, we remain ready to assist in deployment, to answer any questions or to make any additional changes should they be required.

Our philosophy drives us to hold your needs above our own. That's our spirit of service.

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Web Application Development

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