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Software Development
Software development is all about creating solutions to help you do your job more efficiently and with greater clarity and accuracy. It's all about being able to ask probing questions about your operation and to get answers in real time, instantly. Software development, when done properly, can be a manager's dream come true.

Imagine having a computer program that can tell you the status of every job and site and the location of every piece of equipment. Imagine being able to put your finger on the pulse of profitability whenever you feel the need. And imagine a program for a handheld device that your forepersons and strategic personnel can use to key critical data so that it's represented in real time back at headquarters.

Whether your operation is heavily automated or labour-intensive from the bottom up, performance management is an ever-present concern.

Software Development Made Easy
Every software development project starts by gathering data. Traditionally, this includes consulting every stakeholder to find out their vision and their needs. The task become one of coordinating all of these ideas into one cohesive plan that follows the overriding wishes of management.

At Applications Developer, we add a step prior to the stakeholder consultations. We get to know the company. We learn the management style, the core values and key philosophies which guide the company. We learn every aspect of your business so that no opportunity is missed to make the finished software dovetail smoothly with your entire enterprise. The end result is that the software fits like a glove. Mining software development, for instance, would include a study of every aspect of your mining operation.

The preliminary phase of data gathering concludes with a detailed plan and a prototype to allow stakeholders to play with the look and feel of the program before its underlying logic is added. This ensures that the user interface matches the needs of the stakeholders—that it remains intuitive, easy to navigate and efficient in its design.

During Development
The coding stage is an iterative process. In other words, we complete small segments of the overall project and test them for effectiveness and usefulness. We also involve stakeholders to review the progress and to allow for "midcourse corrections." This allows for modifications to be made long before the software is completed, eliminating costly redesigns and recoding. These can include fixing errors or misunderstandings, or adding features that had been overlooked in the original prototype.

After Development
Once done, your software is thoroughly tested before implementation. But even after delivery, we remain ready to assist should your team need instruction or changes to the software.

Designed for Growth
Your software is designed for scalability so that it can grow as your company grows.

Whether your company is related to travel, retail or mining, software development can give you the tools to make your business more efficient and your planning and management more effective.

You owe it to yourself and your business to find out what can be done to reach your goals. Contact us now for a free quote or give us a call at 1300-553-352 for more information.

Software Development

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