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Product Design
Would you like to create your own software product? We can help. Whether you intend to market a desktop application, software-as-a-service for the Cloud or virtualisation software, our seasoned engineering team can produce what you need.

Doing Our Homework
The phrase "doing the homework" implies that one does everything necessary to prepare for something important. When building a mission critical product, the "homework" starts with specifications, whether they are detailed or merely a one-line description. Then we include,
• Competitor analysis,
• Feature analysis,
• End-user needs (the benefits for which they hunger) and
• Marketing position.

With these, we identify value-adding functions that will set your product apart from the rest and that will ensure your product meets your consumers' needs.

We consult with stakeholders within your company to ensure we have all of the most critical input.

Preparation and Construction
Once we have all of this information, we formulate, in stages, a plan, a design and a prototype, all for the approval of you and your key stakeholders.

Then we begin the program coding of the finished product. But even here, the project continues to remain a collaborative one. We make progress in strategic chunks, then test and review with you that progress for approval before going on to the next chunk. This allows you to maintain control of the project throughout the development cycle. Also, this allows you to make changes to the project with far less impact on the overall budget.

Testing and Delivery
Once the project is done, we test it thoroughly in-house and then implement end-user beta testing to get fresh, but critical eyes on the project. When the testing is done, you can be assured that your product is relatively bug-free and ready for its debut in the marketplace.

Of course, we stand ready to assist in the implementation of the product—preparing it for packaging and delivery to distributors and outlets. And we remain ready to answer any questions and to make any changes for subsequent upgrades.

Turning the Dream into a Reality
Imagine your own software product, already packaged and in the hands of distributors, outlets and end-users. There is a world of satisfaction to see what was once merely an idea become a tangible and fully-realized product.

Our philosophy drives us to hold your needs above our own. That's our spirit of service.

Contact us today about your product design.

Product Design

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