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Product Creation
Whether you have an idea for a B2B software product for desktop, mobile device or the cloud, or you've dreamed the hottest new consumer product, we can bring that idea to reality for you.

Conception of a Product
As in any creative endeavour, you have to start with a guiding vision which defines the shape of the desired, valuable final product. Applications Developer, prides itself on getting to know the company hiring them before any development work is begun.

Why is this critical? Your company interacts with the world through its own unique culture and you see the world from a unique perspective. The only way we can fully appreciate the power of your vision for the product is to understand the culture and perspective which gave it life. Only by doing this can we become the perfect advocates for this new product and to see it through to its successful birth.

We can also research the size of the affected market niche and determine in advance the potential success of the product. We can also explore crossover potential into other market niches.

As with all our projects, we also consult all stakeholders on the desired features and design of the product. This invariably increases the potential usability of the finished product. Combined with the product specifications, we then develop a plan and a prototype for the approval of you and the stakeholders.

Building Your Product
Once the specifications have been finalised, the research done and the plan and prototype approved, we begin building your product.

We have found that utilising Agile methodology allows for the swiftest development cycle while maintaining the best control over the project. This method involves producing small chunks of the finished product and then reviewing the efficacy of the code before starting on the next chunk. This also allows for changes to be made to the project which might otherwise have become prohibitively expensive if made at the end of the development cycle.

The Product Test Drive
Thorough testing remains a vital part of the development process. Once a product has been completed, testing ensures that no bugs have been introduced or left lingering. Eliminating all possible bugs helps to ensure your product success.

We can also help prepare delivery and implementation strategies so that acquisition and installation are seamless and transparent to the end-user.

Even after your product has been delivered to you, we remain ready to assist with any questions or with making any desired changes to the product.

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Product Creation

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