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One of the few constants in business is change. Though that may not be very comforting, it poses new opportunities to those who seize upon them early. Today, cell phones are perhaps more common than desktop computers, so it's no wonder that a large number—well over a billion, worldwide—of cell phone users browse the web from their mobile device. That's why more and more companies are including a mobile aspect to their web presence.

There are a great many differences between a desktop website and a mobile-friendly website. If your business already has a website, it may not be easily accessible by mobile device. And that's where we can help—either converting your existing site to a dual purpose website, or adding mobile-friendly content to complement your desktop pages. And if you don't have an existing website, we can design a website that remains dual compatible from the ground up.

Who Needs Your Mobile Website Design?
A website can serve multiple audiences and your mobile website design can present a different face to each of these audiences. Our skills at web design and programming make it easy. Your audience can include,
• Customers
• Managers
• Employees
• New hires
• Industry reporters
• Investors
• Suppliers and other vendors
• Concerned citizens

Mobile web surfers are on the go—busy people with little time to indulge in lavish graphics, flash presentations or extensive downloads of data. They need light, fast, simple-to-navigate pages that make it easy for them on the small screen.

What We Do for You
Mobile web design begins with a consultation to allow us to know more about your company. This allows us to become the best possible advocate for you in designing a mobile website that fits your company like a glove and fulfils your needs.

Then, we talk to all of your stakeholders to find out their needs for a small-screen website. We discover all of the concerns they may have which could impact their job and their performance.

Once we have all of the data, we create a plan and a design prototype for your approval.

And, after the design is approved, we program all of the nuts and bolts behind the scene to make your website work fluidly and flawlessly for the visitor's mobile device.

What Goes into Mobile Web Design?
Website design includes a broad range of activities including,
• Graphic design and pictures,
• User experience design,
• Search engine optimization,
• Proprietary software,
• Standardized code,
• Security concerns,
• Information portal for customers, and
• User interface design.

After your mobile web design and development is complete, we test it thoroughly and then take it live. But even after it's all done, we remain ready to serve should you or your team have any questions or need any changes.

You owe it to yourself and your business to find out what can be done to fulfil your dreams.

Contact us now for a free quote or give us a call at 1300-553-352 for more information.

Mobile Website Design

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