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Mining System Development
Mining system development is all about creating a solution for your mining business that helps you knit the enterprise together seamlessly. With it, you can investigate, analyse and control a myriad of aspects of your operation from one location or any location. You define what that system is.

A software system is to management what the assembly line was to manufacturing. Henry Ford changed the world with his assembly line techniques over a century ago. Now, you have some of that same genius within your reach for the management side of your business.

Performance Management
Automation is the next big thing in mining operations, but without a system to manage it and its performance, automation can be a shot in the dark.

Imagine taking the inputs and track record for your automation and pouring it into your mining system software to analyse the performance. Imagine taking that analysis and running projections based on other parameters in other departments. With a properly designed system, any question you have can be answered with minimal effort.

Getting to Know You
Our philosophy at Applications Developer is one of getting to know you and your business thoroughly before we start any designing or coding. Why is this important? If we can start to think like you do, we can anticipate problems and their solutions that more closely fit your own philosophy of doing business. And that's a good thing. When we learn to speak your language and to know your values, we can build a mining system better tailored for your enterprise.

Nuts and Bolts
Once we know your business, we gather in-depth information about the desired system, consulting all stakeholders about their needs. We then create a plan and a prototype for review by all stakeholders to ensure everyone is thrilled with the direction of the system project.

The core of the mining system development process is one of iterative progress. In other words, we work on your new system to make a chunk of progress, and then test, review and obtain feedback on that progress. This way, we can make "course corrections" if the direction needs an adjustment. Also, if new features are found to be needed, they can be added with far less extra work, if anticipated early in the development cycle. Once a chunk has been properly vetted, we tackle the next chunk.

Wrapping it Up
All software development projects require thorough testing and we will run your new mining system through its paces. Once it passes all tests, we can assist in implementing the system—bringing it online and live to your operation.

After delivery, we stand ready to support your new mining system.

You owe it to yourself and your business to find out how you can acquire a mining system just right for your operation. Contact us now for a free quote or give us a call at 1300-553-352 for more information

Mining System Development

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