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Internal Business Strategy
For any enterprise to operate smoothly, it must have all the right tools for communication, collaboration, data management, information retrieval and knowledge acquisition. Your intranet needs to be a robust channel of interaction within your company.

Your business produces lots of information and it must be easily accessible to the right individuals. Analysis of the data shouldn't take hours of research and manual manipulation. And it doesn't have to be. We can help streamline your enterprise internals to work for you, not against you. Things like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) require a high degree of automation to remain effective in today's marketplace.

Your intranet can include,
• Multiple internal sites, public or private.
• Ability to form electronic communities formed around projects, clients, teams, geographic locations or other criteria.
• A broad range of search capabilities, including the contents of documents.
• Powerful content management and storage.
• Management of enterprise resources, including short and long-range planning.
• Handling relationships with customers, including anniversary notices, milestone alerts, event estimation and response and much more.

Do you have partners or specialised vendors, outside your organisation, who need to collaborate with members of your team? Such an extranet makes it possible to extend your intranet to other locations with access through a secure web portal. In fact, your team in the field can use such a portal to access critical information as they need it.

Accepting the Challenge
When we accept a contract to build or rework a company's intranet, we require first to gain knowledge about the company—its mission and its culture. Only by acquiring such knowledge can we become perfect advocates for the business's new intranet.

We also need to consult with the key stakeholders to ensure that we understand what they need so the interfaces and programming we create will dovetail easily with their real-world operations.

This information, combined with the desired specifications for the new intranet, give us all we need to develop a plan and set of designs for the work to be done. After we gain your approval and that of the key stakeholders on the plan and designs, we begin the bulk of the work.

Development and Realisation
In order to realise your dream for your newly revitalised intranet, we utilise Agile development methodologies. This means that we make progress in small chunks which are reviewed, tested and approved by key personnel before the next chunk is started. This allows for you to maintain control over the development cycle and to introduce changes or corrections without significantly affecting the development schedule or project costs. If any such changes were left to the end of the development cycle, they might easily prove to be prohibitively expensive and labour-intensive.

Testing and Rollout As with all our development projects, we thoroughly test all of the functionality to ensure it is working as expected. And even after the new intranet is brought online and made live, we stand ready to answer any questions or to make changes, as needed.

For the sake of your enterprise, you owe it to yourself to request a free quotation on your new intranet.

Internal Business Strategy

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