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Enterprise Strategy
Imagine a symphony with millions of instruments, all making sweet, powerful music together in harmony. That could be your business—every person, every device, seamlessly linked to produce maximum output under all possible conditions.

Sounds good, doesn't it? How is such a thing possible? It starts with a vision. And we at Applications Developer can help make that vision a reality.

Knowledge is Power
We start all of our projects by getting every possible scrap of relevant information. The nature of your business—the culture, the methods, the policies, the goals and more—all of these move to the top of our list of things to know. Only by gaining intimate knowledge of your enterprise can we ever hope to be the perfect advocate in developing an enterprise-wide system.

This is the foundation for building any manner of enterprise system or tool, whether it be,
• Portal development,
• Office automation,
• Device integration, or
• A complex, but robust system to help your enterprise run smoothly.

It's a bit like attempting to build a house. If you don't check the ground, first, you may find that the foundation you pour cracks only days afterward. That's poor planning, because it's action taken without due diligence. We check the "ground" of your business before committing any resources. We attempt to understand how everything works so that the finished product fits your enterprise like the proverbial "glove."

Besides getting to know the business, we consult with your key stakeholders to ensure that we understand their needs and requirements. Details matter. For example, it wouldn't help to have the finished input screen appear out-of-sequence from the order required by the person performing the input; that would be inefficient. Factors like these are carefully considered for inclusion in the finished system.

Once we have all of this input, we create in stages, a plan, a design and a prototype for the approval of you and the key stakeholders. Then, the fun begins.

Building the Dream
On all of our projects, we build incrementally, testing at the end of each batch and reporting on the state of progress. This agile methodology yields multiple benefits:
• Helps to reduce the number of bugs introduced during development,
• Sets a solid foundation on which subsequent batches can be built,
• Allows your continued oversight of the project throughout the development cycle,
• Permits the insertion of changes and added features with greatly reduced impact on budget and schedule.

Adding the Finishing Touches
Besides the rigorous testing performed throughout the building of your enterprise solution, the finished system is tested thoroughly, in-house, and then checked again in end-user beta testing. What emerges is a system which remains not only robust in the face of all challenges, but nimble in the handling of a myriad of tasks.

After delivery of the finished system, Applications Developer stands ready to answer any questions, to assist in installation and implementation, and to prepare changes and additions when they become required.

Taking the Enterprise Strategy Challenge
Our philosophy drives us to hold your needs above our own. That's our spirit of service.

Contact us today about your enterprise strategy.

Enterprise Strategy

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