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Custom Business Software
If you've ever had custom tailored clothing made just for you, you know that fit is every bit as important as functionality and material.

There is an old saying that the clothes make the man, and while we know that any world-class person can shape the environment around them, no matter what they wear, an expert fit in tailoring can create quite a powerful effect.

The better a tool fits the corporation which commissioned it, the more powerfully that tool can aid in the success of that enterprise. If that tool fits like the proverbial "glove," then its use becomes a natural extension of the enterprise and something easily wielded to forge a path toward massive success.

That's our dream—to sculpt business software that feels incredibly intuitive, that anticipates the ebb and flow of your business, and masterfully aids in the cohesive communication, accurate data gathering, information building and laser-like controls essential to pushing your corporate engine to its maximum.

Getting to Know You
Only by getting to know your business intimately can we ever hope to fulfil our dream of exceptional service to you and yours. By getting to know your market sector and your internal corporate culture, we can answer your current and future needs by creating software that indeed fits like a glove. We can build into the software the flexibility that allows for scaling with the inevitable changes in the marketplace.

We take into account the rising trends in the industry and follow them to their likeliest conclusion, but leave room for "course corrections" when the unexpected occurs.

Method to the Genius
Once we fully know your enterprise, we interview all of the key stakeholders to ensure their input is heard and that the finished product fulfils their needs, as well.

With this knowledge and the specifications in hand, we design, plan and prototype the project, getting your approval and that of key stakeholders at each step of the way.

We carry this iterative approach into the heart of the development itself, allowing you to maintain control over the entire development cycle. This agile approach also allows you to make changes and add features that may have been unanticipated without greatly disrupting the forward progress of the project.

Once done, the software is thoroughly tested, both internally and with end-user beta testers. Then we assist with installation and implementation and remain ready to answer questions or to make any future changes requested.

Our philosophy drives us to hold your needs above our own. That's our spirit of service.

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Custom Business Software

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